Friday, September 26, 2014

Getting a bit personal

For those who follow my blog, you know that I don't talk a lot about my personal-personal life. The double words are intentional. I'll talk about personal things, but usually not things that are very close and intimately personal. That's what I mean by personal-personal. Well, sometimes the lack of activity calls for some explanation. This has been a stressful week. My DH had a mild heart attack a little over two years ago (see, I don't talk about my personal personal life much) and had a stent put in. That was a wake up call for him to make some changes. But what he made was not enough. This week he had an angiogram which looks at the arteries in the heart wall. He has some major occlusions. The doctors wanted to immediately schedule him for bypass surgery. At least they didn't do what some doctors do and take him immediately to surgery.

Here's a piece of advice: be very careful about signing a consent form that virtually gives the doctor carte blanche to do what he thinks is best. People have awakened to find they'd had major surgery that they weren't expecting without being given an opportunity to consider their options and make an informed decision. If the consent form my husband had to sign had been on that let the doctor take him in and do a bypass, I'd have protested loudly. I believe he would have as well.

With the test time and recovery, then sitting in the cardiac surgeon's office for three plus hours, it was a very long day. We came home and didn't make any decisions. That was on Wednesday. On Thursday, he had decided to not have the surgery, but to make some radical changes in lifestyle. I know that some people will think that's crazy. But how many realize that bypass surgery is only good for a few years before those also clog up. How many of you have watched the documentary or visited the website, Forks Over Knives? Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD and Dr. Colin Campbell are the two main doctors in the video who talk about their research into heart disease, it's prevention and reversal. We are going to follow this plan, myself included. It's time to simplify our diet and cut out the oils and sugar. That doesn't mean a tasteless diet. I went to Amazon (where you can watch the video) and ordered three books: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure, The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook: Over 125 Delicious, Life-Changing, Plant-Based Recipes , and Forks Over Knives - The Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes for Plant-Based Eating All Through the Year .They will be worth their weight in gold. We have already made changes. This was the big, very big, wake up call for the hubby.

All of this has kept me busy and stressed the last few days. Not upset-worried-paniced stress, but just the stress that comes with dealing with a new situation. God has given me peace through most of it, though I got a little testy with DH this morning over something minor. It was time to go do something else and quite down. And do a bit of praying. God is never far away.

I had finished and uploaded my mini for round 2 of the designer contest before all this testing, etc. started. I just didn't get it posted here on the blog. I haven't uploaded new kits to my Etsy store either. They're waiting on my HD for upload. I plan to get them up next week. As for round three, it's started but will it get finished, I don't know. I have my son coming in tonight, and my daughter coming by on Monday. So we'll see how it goes.

Here's the preview for round 2 mini. The download is not longer available, and I have turned the mini into a full size kit which will soon be available in my store at Etsy.

Friday, September 19, 2014

More on the desiger contest

Today the poll went up at the Studio to vote for best (favorite, whatever) kits in the designer contest. I doubt that I'll vote. I almost never do. And I never win, but this time around, I'm not really caring whether I come even close to winning. I've already struck out three times. The fourth time is surely not going to make a difference. So, if you are already a member at DSS, head over and vote if you wish. I always say to vote for what you like best, not for someone who asks you to. In the meantime, I'm also working a layouts for the build-a-book challenge which I don't expect to finish nor, of course, win. The winners (3) will get their books printed. But what do you know? Yesterday I got an email from Joannes with a coupon code to get a free 8x8 book printed. Okay! I have until November to use it. I can get pages done by then I think.

I also enjoy the digi dectective, looking for a new kit each week. If you find it and send the correct guess to Min (the designer hosting the challenge) you win the kit. I've won several kits over the last couple of years playing DD, two so far this year, and a third and fourth coming. And there's still another week to go.

As far as the contest goes, we'll see how next week goes. The instructions go up on Saturday, but that is the Sabbath and I'll be in church. I will find out what they are Saturday night, then go from there. I like the challenge of having a set of directions to follow. Don't forget to go grab the freebies. There are a lot of them in the contest gallery with two more challenges to go.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Designer Contest at theStudio

After sitting it out for three years, I'm doing it again. Probably a little crazy, but I'm not stressed about it this year. After three years of striking out, I don't expect anything different this time. I'm just enjoying it. Actually, it has a way of motivating me. Lately, I've been making more time for prayer and Bible study, and I know that I am reaping the rewards. I am realizing that I have so many blessings I need to be thankful for. The mini kit I made for this week's designer challenge is about blessings. I call it blessed. You can find the download links only at DSS. Preview is linked to the gallery.

I also have made a quick page with the kit. You can download it her on my blog. 4shared or Sendspace.

I also contributed to the member mega. You can download my portion here. Be sure to check the gallery at DSS for other contributions.
4shared or Mediafire

Sunday, August 31, 2014

If it's the First, then it's blog train time again.

It's time for the Pixel Scrapper blog train. This month's theme was At the Fair. I'm not much of a fair goer. I haven't attended a fair in I can't remember how long. I have liked state fairs in the past, but these days I just don't want to bother with the traffic. So I don't go. Not being very fair savvy any more, I made a generic kit with tags and tickets and papers and frames and such that you can use with other kits in the blog train to fill out a page. The folder tabs are in both png and psd layered. Recolor however you need. Everything is in one zip file.

Download at 4shared
Download at mediafire

The list of other contributions to the blog train can be found Pixel Scrapper.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just Too Sweet

I've put a new kit in the shop, Just Too Sweet. It is one of my favorite kits, in part because I love the colors. I've probably said it dozens of times, I love bright, bold colors, and pastels. But there are some colors that I just can't tolerate very well. The yellow-greens and the yellow-oranges are primarily in that group. Chartreuse and peasoup green make me shudder. I won't even buy or download kits that are primarily in those colors. Everybody has their likes and dislikes.

Well, back to the topic of Just too Sweet. So I'm sitting here and taking a look at the preview on my puter. Hubby looks over my shoulder and says, "Oh, that's pretty. Did you make that?" Yes, I did. Now that I have his endorsement, I hope that everyone who reads this blog post will head over to Etsy and buy the kit. Well, I can hope, now can't I? LOL. Oh, you do need to see the preview, too.

This time I have a cluster frame for you as a freebie.

But first, (un-huh, I'm still employing advertiser tactics, but if you can't wait, just scroll on down) I've got a couple of things on my mind. I'm pretty sure I'll enter the designer contest at DSS, but I don't know when it's actually going to start. Nothing's been listed in the forum yet. Second, I'm wondering and pondering if I should have a CT, even if it's just temporary. I've had a team in the past, way in the past, but finally gave that up. If I do, it will be one of the easiest teams anyone was ever on. I've seen a number of CT ads lately, and I can safely say I wouldn't want to be on some of those teams. What they require goes beyond what I think should be expected of a creative team member. But that's JMHO.

By now, most of you know that I don't usually make kits that are kid oriented. Not because I don't like kids or because I'm childless. I'm most certainly not either. But my kids are both 30-somethings and neither one has any children of their own. So, no grandkids either. I prefer to make adult oriented kits with a theme, not just generic kits. Sometimes it's tough to think of what elements should go in a kit, that's unique to the theme. Sometimes it means a kit is smaller that I might like, 'cause I can't think of what else to put in. I do surf the web for ideas at times. Speaking of generic, I guess Just Too Sweet probably falls more into that category. I'm rolling my eyes. I spout off about generic, but I'm advertising one. Still, there's some unique elements in it.

Well, I guess I'd better list that freebie, right? Here it is.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Week…

…well, I didn't get too much done. This week is looking only a little better. Maybe it's restless legs, maybe it's just restless period. The blahs. Today, I'm determined to work through it. But not by myself. With prayer. I know that when the Bible says that I can do nothing by myself, it is absolutely true. So I lean of my Saviour to help me out of the blahs, the blues, whatever one wants to call it. I finally uploaded a new kit to Etsy today, I've actually started a new blog, It's about the other half of my days, or what is supposed to be the other half of my day, bag and tote making.I hop you'll check it out. I've had a lot of thoughts and ideas going around in my head so I thought it was time to write them down. I've written my first post. Then I stopped to clip my nails. I just hate the feeling of trying to type with long nails. I can't stand the feeling. I clipped them and now I can type much better. I'm not hitting so many wrong keys.

I've been working a some new kits, and I've have a new Pixel Scrapper blog train freebie the first of the month. I'm also giving some thought to entering theStudio designer contest this year. It would be the first time since 2010, which was the last year I actually entered the contest. I've played along in a couple since. This year Toiny says that it will be only 3 challenges and two weeks with no "no CU" challenge at all. Sounds good.

I still need to get a newsletter out, but I'm wondering if I should get personal or just show new products in it. I personally like the newsy type newsletters. Snickerdoodles is one that I like and theStudio newsletter. Nibble's Scribbles is another one I like. They are warm, personal, and talk a bit about themselves. Most of the other newsletter I get are just "here's what's new—buy my stuff" newsletters. Not too interesting.

I made a really interesting discovery yesterday. In fact, my mouth probably fell open. I was perusing CraftCrave freebies when I saw a freebie by Connie Prince. It was from the personality flairs I gave away as CU months ago on this blog. What?!? Connie Prince using my stuff!?! She'd actually use something I made? Surprised I was. And tickled. It also make me think that I need to start making a few more of my own items. I've got stacks of stuff I need to scan and extract. I've got stuff that I have never released as CU and probably never will.

I am running out of things to write. Besides, I'm cooking dinner. I'll have a new freebie up in a little while to go along with my new kit at Etsy. But it'll wait till a bit later. I'm getting hungry.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Worry Is Blind

Anyone who has followed my blog for awhile, knows that sometimes I post videos of music I like. Today, I'm posting another. The song is one that is dear to me, as I am prone to worry. But this song talks about how worry is blind and can't see the future. The only One who can see the future is God, and I am learning how to let Him take care of the future. Even when my husband comes in late from work and I am wondering what might have happened. Since he works the graveyard shift, it can be touchy staying awake to drive home in the mornings. Enough cause to worry, right. No. I must leave him in God's hands. I hope you will find this song as uplifting as I have.

 Hopefully, you're now a bit refreshed, so I'll move on to business. I'm happy that I chose to open a store at Etsy. I seem to fit better with the Etsy concept than with any scrapbook store I was in.  No forums, galleries, or challenges. When I want to be involved with those, I usually head over to theStudio. Since I joined that forum in 2008, when it was Stone Accents Studio, I've felt it was more home to me than other forums. You know, I'm even toying with the idea of joining the designer contest next month, for the first time since 2010. And not because I want a spot in the store there, but mostly for fun. Just to see what I can do. Come September, I may decide I don't want to do it after all. I'll see.

I have uploaded a new kit to Etsy. This one is a heritage style kit, but not in the usual heritage colors, you know, those dull browns and beiges that so many designers seem to think speak "heritage." I know that there were some dull, uninteresting things in my family tree, but there were also some pretty colorful things as well. Like the murder of my great, great, great grandfather by a man named John Booth. Or the great, great, great, uncle who was a courier for the Confederacy in the divided state of Virginia. Or that other ancestor who had a wife and a lady on the side. Got a picture of her too. Hee Hee. She was pretty. With colorful characters like these, why should they be displayed in beige and brown? So Oh Victoria! is more colorful, still has some beige and brown but supplemented by some bright colors and with lots of Victorian style accents.

 To whet you appetite a bit, I do have a quick page for you to download.

This time, I'm trying Google Drive as well as Mediafire. Surely everyone will be able to get one of the links to work.

Google Drive